Mat Kaiser is a ux/ui-focused designer and co-founder of ontu digital design.

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Selected work & side projects


UX/UI • Branding

Bridging the gap between frontal knowledge transfer and entertainment: 7hauben is a video-based cooking platform designed to help you learn and expand your horizons for new cuisines. I created the new branddesign and designed the website, as the company shifted towards a subscription model.


UX/UI • Product Design • Branding

App-Development: CHAX

With the driving licence app Yarrive, the road to a driving licence becomes a pleasure. Individual learning plans, interactive learning methods, realistic tests, knowledge duels and live quizzes make preparing for the driving test a breeze.

Together with the ontu team, I developed the product design, the product website as well as the brand and name of the app.


Branding • Screendesign

Agency: Novozamsky

The Ottmanngut is a Suite & Breakfast, classically Meranese in character, an establishment with an individual tone, a home from home. The branding should reflect upon this very statement, giving the family-owned jewel a fresh appearance in print and web.


UX/UI • Branding

Lunchylicious is a neat little helper when it comes to finding the right meal for your lunchbreak, showing what’s close & good. With a clearly arranged overview on today’s lunch-offerings you’ll always get the best deal on your plate. The App started and ended as a side project.

Digital- & Branddesign

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